Why Build With Steel?

Because Steel is Strongest

Let the experienced designers at Kodiak Steel Homes provide the frame for the home of your dreams!
We have the experience and knowledge to work directly with the homeowner, a selected builder or even an architect.
We have an extensive catalog of ready-to-go-designs!

When you are considering building (or rebuilding) with steel–you should factor in the following:

Strong Steel Homes

The Kodiak Steel Homes steel framing is proven to outlast hurricane force wind, tornadoes, fires, and even earthquakes. Each home is built with high-quality steel and is engineered to significantly transcend the many vulnerabilities of a traditional wood-frame home. 

In addition to our super strong steel framing, you also have the option of getting our steel roofing and residential steel siding for a strong and low maintenance exterior.  For extra energy savings, we also have a radiant barrier insulated wrap as an upgrade to traditional vapor barrier material.

Smart choice

A Kodiak Steel Home is a smart choice for those building or rebuild their home. Why? A steel framed home won’t rot, mold, burn, break, or blow over! Beyond that, steel framed homes are incredibly energy efficient. All of these factors combined lowers the cost of ownership, making these homes a truly smart investment.