An elegant combination of form and function, our new Meadowbrook is certain to become a signature Kodiak steel home. Based on our popular Crestwood series, the Meadowbrook adds two more functional dormers in the back and an 8-foot veranda that encircles the entire home, shading 1923 square feet of space for outdoor fun in addition to the 3860 square feet of living area. The two-story Meadowbrook offers plenty of room for a large family and could easily function as a small lodge or office. Except for the stairway, both upstairs and down offer clearspan interiors, and all or any parts of the porch could be enclosed to gain even more living space.

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5,754 Total Square Feet

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Kodiak Steel Homes standard models are different from the standard models you will find through most builders. One of the best features of a Kodiak steel home is the ability to have any interior floor plan you want for your new home. Since our homes have no load bearing interior walls we can design a custom floor plan for any of our standard models. While the exterior wall locations and roof style of our standard models cannot be modified, every other aspect of our standard models is custom designed for each customer. The drawing below shows the exterior walls, which cannot be removed or relocated on our designs, but the rest is completely up to you. One of our design professionals will meet with you to discuss all of your design ideas and custom design the interior and exterior of one of our standard models so that your home is one of a kind. Once we have completed the architectural design, you will have all the drawings you will need to get accurate pricing from local builders and obtain financing for your new home. Call us today and let’s get started on the architectural design for your Kodiak Steel Home.