How to Build Your Dream Home

Aspen model

1. Take the Preliminary Steps

Research to see if you will need to obtain a building and/or occupancy permit. You also might have to meet the requirements of a planning commission, property owners’ associations, or other regulatory bodies depending on where you plan on building. Plus,you will need to determine where and how your home will connect to the various utility services for the area.

2. Decide on How to Manage the Project

In addition to the materials we provide you will need plumbing, wiring, lighting, flooring, heating and air (HVAC), cabinets, and other essential elements. If you are very handy, you may well decide to do the additional elements needed for your home yourself, but most will need help for some or all of the construction. That is when you would need to hire either a contractor for the entire building process or hire out for the individual aspects in which you cannot or do not want to have to do on your own. [Tip: Contractors who do commercial projects will probably be very familiar with the kind of construction required for a Kodiak Steel Homes framing system, and these veterans would be an ideal choice.]

Northbrook model
Chenal model

3. Choose Your Model & Features or have us design a custom home to fit your specific needs

One of the challenges in building a new home in today’s market is, establishing and staying within cost budgets.  To assist with this, we have developed a cost estimator that gives average prices based on national numbers we have seen.  Keep in mind that this is just a starting point and actual prices may be lower or higher in your specific area.  Once you know approximately what size of home you would like to build, our team can work with you on design plans for the Kodiak or custom model you would like to build. 

Once your design plans are complete, we can then begin work on the structural plans and engineering.  From these plans your local contractors will be able to give construction estimates for you to take to the bank.  At completion of your plans, we will also give you a material quote for the steel material we will provide for your home.

4. Order & Complete Processing

Once you have decided on a Kodiak Steel Homes® model, you can begin the process of having your materials fabricated and delivered to you by placing your order. This will form a contract between you and Kodiak Steel Homes that spells out what you will receive. A Kodiak steel home kit can be ordered in two ways: (1) make and ship and (2) hold for permit. Before we can commit an order for fabrication status, we require a signed contract and release from hold, with a deposit of 25% of the total purchase price.  Only an initial 15% deposit is required if we are to put your order in a hold status awaiting your building permit approval.  Following your returned signed contract and paid deposit, we will send you an order acknowledgement showing costs, payments and balance. You must pay the final balance due on your order at least two weeks prior to delivery, by electronic bank wire transfer, ACH debit or bank cashiers check.

5. Prep, Delivery & Building

In order to deliver your materials as promised, we need easy access to your job site. Be sure to provide us with the proper address and directions our drivers will need to find the location. Your steel will arrive on a 50-foot flatbed trailer carrying several thousand pounds of material.  Due to this, It needs a roadway that will support that kind of load and provides maneuvering room in and out of the site. If your order includes siding, soffit, or insulation, these materials will arrive separately after the steel frame delivery. Some fasteners may also arrive on their own. We will notify you of the scheduled date for your steel delivery in advance, and we will call to remind you a day or two before. Our steel shipments are normally scheduled for “A.M. delivery”. When these shipments come, you simply sign for them after you make sure everything is there. You are responsible for unloading all shipments. Your steel shipment will contain bulky and heavy items, and some could weigh as much as 3000 pounds.