Privacy And Security

Customer Privacy

Our privacy policy is very simple. We do not release any information about our customers except as necessary to process and deliver orders or to fulfill customer requests. For example, if you order a home kit from us, we will have to give your name, address, and phone number to any freight companies or suppliers involved in delivering materials to you. We are in business to sell homes, not to profit from other companies' marketing projects. We do not sell advertising, rent space on our website, or share customer information, and you will never receive any telemarketing calls, junk mail, or spam because you gave your name to us.

E-Mail Communication

We do maintain an opt-in e-mail list through which we notify customers of important events and information. We average fewer than one general e-mail per month, and we try to only send them when we have something to say. You can opt out of this list at any time by clicking the remove link in one of the e-mails or by logging into your account and changing your account preferences. NOTE: if you create quotes or place orders online, you must agree to communicate with us by e-mail. You do not have to stay on the general e-mail list, but you must give us a valid e-mail address and accept and respond to e-mails related to your quote requests and orders.

Customer Security

We use a combination of policies and technology that gives you the strongest protection against credit card and identity theft. Some e-commerce companies retain credit card numbers to make it easier for their customers to make repeated purchases. We do not store credit card data. If you make a card payment online, we never even see the full number. The data is transferred directly to our merchant bank through a 128-bit Secure Socket Layer or SSL3 connection which provides the strongest encryption available for standard web browsers. We receive a confirmation of the payment and a transaction number we could use to credit your account or give you a refund. Since we do not have your actual credit card number, we cannot add additional charges to your account, and no one can steal your number from us.


Cookies are small files that web sites place on your computer when you visit them. Like many e-commerce sites, we use them to distinguish you from other people and keep track of the choices you make while on our site. Many features of our pricing system depend on these cookies, and you must enable cookies in your web browser to use it. Our cookies do not record any personal data or information from your computer, and they do not track what you do after you leave our site.